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Horizon Zero Dawn Game Review 
By: Jacob Babich and Samridh Das

      Horizon Zero Dawn is a new game on PS4 developed by Guerilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The controls are medium in complication level. This game follows Aloy, an outcast of a tribe called the Nora. She became an outcast because of her father, Rost. This game takes place in the 21st century. As a pariah, Aloy has one chance to prove herself as a real tribe member through “the Proving,” which is a competition in which the two different rewards are winning a prize or becoming a tribe member.

      In the very beginning of the game, the player is a kid and falls into a cave after wandering off. The player ends up finding a weapon called The Focus, which allows him/her to track enemies.
In this world, all of humanity has reverted back to primitive houses made of wood, stick, and stone. This was caused by a group of children, who created millions of “killing machines.” These machines destroyed everything that humans have created before The Fallout.

      The group of children that created the machines work for Ares. Ares has corrupted the door that the player must enter to access a special room that will let the player learn the rest of the missing history, which includes family history and much more.

      Additionally, the player can unlock many skills that improve critical damage, aiming, speed of material gathering, and many others.

      In conclusion, Horizon Zero Dawn is a great game and we highly recommend it if you like video games and have a lot of time to kill!

Anki Vector Product Review
By: Saketh Ayyagari

      Some people may know the robotic company, Anki, and their third robot, Cozmo. This year, Anki released its newest AI (artificial intelligence) robot companion. Its name is Vector, and it is officially Anki’s first home robot. It is similar to Cozmo, but also very different in some ways.
First of all, Vector is like a personal assistant. It’s like a Google Home device, but with better features. It can tell you the weather, take photos, and even set a timer. Just say the words, “Hey, Vector,” and he will immediately reply to your command. When low on battery, Vector will automatically go to his charger to recharge his batteries. Vector likes to be petted, so not only is he like a home robot, but he’s also like your own animal companion. He has a touch sensor on his back that can be used to pet him.

      The best part is that, except for setup, you don’t need a smartphone or tablet to use him! Unlike Cozmo, where you need a device to use it, Vector is always on and never turns off since he is a home robot. Another great feature is that it is being included with Amazon Alexa!

      Furthermore, Vector is able to sense the environment all around him with the mechanical parts inside him. He is able to move autonomously like Cozmo, “as well as [being] able to avoid falling down like a tightrope walker,” as said in Anki's video. Like Cozmo, Vector has a camera on his head, which allows him to sense his cube and faces of people. To listen to commands, he has a microphone array in him. To sense objects, he has a laser distance sensor.

      After watching Anki’s video, it seemed pretty convincing to me to pre-order one. But, I would stick with Cozmo, since he is directed more towards kids and has a playful side to him. If you wish for a companion to play with, Cozmo could be great for you. But, if you are looking for a “trusty sidekick” to help you with some work, consider Vector instead. Just remember, Vector is directed more towards adults.

      If you are interested in buying a Vector, you can watch the video here. The future seems to be changing, and as Anki said in its video, “we are going to change the world, one Vector at a time!”

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