The National Geographic Bee
By: Zehra Taqvi

     This year, our school participated once again in the annual National Geographic Bee, also known as the GeoBee. Students, who ranged from fourth to eighth grade, took the same competition with varying questions each year. This competition was taken by students to further their geographic skills and to create an incentive through competition.
     Every student in the school participated by taking a thirty-three question Google Form on Wednesday, November 7th. After every student in each class had completed the form, the student who answered the most questions correctly in his/her homeroom would be participating in a second round, which would take place one week later.
     After the initial round, these homeroom winners competed yet again, except this time it was against every other winner in their quad. When this round concluded, each quad produced their own winner, the student who had managed to answer the most questions correctly in their respective group. Due to the fact that there are only three quads per grade, there were nine competitors left to battle it out in the final round, where they competed for the title of Geographic Bee winner.
     On November 21st, following a heated battle in the final round, one winner emerged: 8th grader Varun Gupta. In second and third place was sixth grader Krish Shah and seventh grader Sharabh Ojha, respectively. All contestants are recognized for their valiant attempts in this competition. The National Geographic Bee has concluded in our school, leaving us with our school champion: Varun Gupta.

School Movie Night
By: Simran Maniar

     It was a chilly Thursday evening, and  MMMS’s Student Council arranged a school movie night. Students gathered into the cafetorium to watch the all time classic, The Incredibles. It’s a captivating movie about the iconic superhero family. A variety of snacks were arranged neatly on long tables. This was a fun way to spend a weekday with classmates and friends. Thank you MMMS Student Council for setting this up, and we look forward to other fun events for students to enjoy!

Holidays at Memorial

The Spelling Bee
By: Zehra Taqvi

     This year, our school once again participated in the annual Spelling Bee. It all started off in the homerooms, where every student was given a chance to participate.This year the round was slightly different because there was no video. Students instead had to pick the correct spelling out of four answer choices and listen to the speaker projected from the board.
     In the second round, the students who scored the highest in their homerooms competed with another Google form. This form had twenty questions: ten vocabulary questions and ten spelling questions, an improvement from past years because it had multiple choice instead of blanks to fill in.
     The third round was live and took place on January 10th, 2019. In this round, around twenty of the sixty-three initial contestants were admitted. There was a great deal of pressure as students completed course after course. Finally, the tenth round arrived. Three competitors were left: seventh grader Sharbh Ojha, seventh grader Zehra Taqvi, and eighth grader Varun Gupta. They competed in what turned out to be a too-close-to-call round three. It was decided that a final, fourth round would be held the next day.
     During second period on January 11th, Sharabh, Zehra, and Varun met a final time to compete in the Spelling Bee. Zehra misspelled a word, but still secured herself a spot in third place. Sharabh and Varun went at it for many more rounds. However, in the end, Sharabh spelled a word wrong. In that round, Varun needed to spell his next words correctly in order to become the spelling champion. His word was “valise.” Varun spelled this word accurately and earned himself the title of Spelling Bee Champion. The final standings were: Varun in first place, Sharabh in second, and Zehra in third. Congratulations to our MMMS spelling champion! 

Red Ribbon Week

This Year Dinner is on Memorial!
By: Zaina Saif
     This year, students at Marlboro Memorial Middle School participated in their annual student change hunger challenge. The Difference Makers started this challenge several years ago, and it has quickly developed into an annual event. This challenge took place around the holiday season to help the less-fortunate in need of food and money. In addition, not only do these school donations benefit people in our community, but the food drive builds a positive school environment as well. 
     This year, the Difference Makers set a goal of collecting 2000 pounds of food. Homerooms were placed into a competition, and the ones with the most cans at the first checkpoint got a coupon for a free cookie and for the teacher auction (a series of activities that allow favorite teachers and students to interact and understand each other better). Consequently, the first delivery totaled 924 lbs and 2000 items of food were donated, making this challenge a success! The leading homeroom at the second checkpoint won a frozen treat from Chartwells and got to design a custom Memorial wristband as well. 
     When the results were counted, Mrs. Osborne’s homeroom took the lead for sixth grade with 124 donations. In 7th grade, Mrs. McLoughlin’s homeroom won with 178 donations. The school-wide and 8th grade champions, Mrs. Pagliaro’s homeroom collected an incredible 508 donations of food. This year’s student change hunger challenge has been a great success and once again, it has spread great awareness throughout our school!

Toys for Tots
By: Sashreek Bhupathiraju
     Aesop once said, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” The Toys for Tots program is a perfect example of Aesop’s teachings. Builders Club hosts the Toys for Tots program every year in an effort to put a smile on a kid’s face. Toys for Tots is a program that encourages the donation of toys to children in need. In 1991, Toys for Tots made a decision that would change their history, and teamed up with the United States Marines. The addition of the Marines augmented the success of the program doubling the toys delivered.
     In 2018, this program still affects kids all over the world today. Marlboro Memorial Middle School is one of the many schools to contribute to awareness and happiness among children everywhere. To encourage donations, a competition between homerooms for who could donate the most toys took place. At the end of the event, a sum total of about five-hundred toys were collected, making this year another success. Thank you to all who participated in Toys for Tots!

6F Disguise the Turkey Drawing Contest Winner: Daniel Palagano

Battle of the Quads!

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