The MMMS Podcast: The Monarch Experience
By: Zaina Saif

“Student voice is the road to change.”
- Anonymous
     The students of our school have recently started production of The Monarch Experience podcast hosted by Mr. Ancona. The creators of this podcast wanted to give students a platform to voice their own opinions. Mr. Ancona was inspired by a teacher who was redoing his entire classroom to allow his students to have a stronger voice. He thought that a podcast would be an awesome opportunity to let students have power and talk about things that are significant to them.
     When naming the podcast, Mr. Ancona wanted something that would stand out in an effort to intrigue the public. He said, “Our podcast is about student experiences at our school and therefore, The Monarch Experience would be the perfect title.” Mr. Ancona hopes that this podcast will help students of this school recognize that they are not alone and have more power than they realize. He said, “With this podcast, students can connect with the thoughts of other students. They embody the feelings and beliefs of other students in the school. There is so much power in knowing you are not alone.”
     Mr. Ancona plans to come out with a new episode of The Monarch Experience every two weeks. So far, the podcast has released four episodes, and he plans to continue producing episodes “forever.” He hopes to cover a wide variety of topics as the school year progresses. For anyone wishing to appear on a podcast episode, visit Mr. Ancona’s room and bring a topic you would be interested in discussing. He says there are “limitless possibilities.” Anyone can access the podcast on Itunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Anchor, the hosting website. Look out for a new episode of The Monarch Experience on the school’s website, twitter, and across Google Classroom streams!

Tournament of the Books
By: Amanda Sun
     Harry Potter dueling Eragon fighting Edward Cullen? No, this isn’t some crazy crossover with thirty-two authors across thirty-two books. It is the Tournament of the Books! The first round of the tournament of the books was released, and students were invited to vote for sixteen titles from a list of thirty two books. Some titles from the list included Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Eragon, Twilight, Red Queen, The Hate U Give, One of Us is Lying, and Divergent.
     The second round was released and sixteen books were eliminated, leaving sixteen standing. The sixteen titles were Legend, All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Restart, The Hate U Give, Spy School, I Funny, Eleven, Red Queen, Prisoner B2087, Divergent, Refugee, One of Us is Lying, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Land of Stories, The Fault in Our Stars, and Twilight. After this, eight more books were eliminated, leaving eight standing.
     There were eight final titles standing. The titles were I Funny, The Fault in Our Stars, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Eleven, One of Us is Lying, The Hate U Give, Spy School, and Divergent. Voters were encouraged to select their favorite four. The results determined which four titles faced off in the second-to-last elimination round. During the second-to-last elimination round, Spy School, Divergent, One of Us is Lying, and The Fault in Our Stars were left.
     The final two titles left standing were...Divergent and One of Us is Lying! Voters determined which title was crowned 2019 Tournament of Books Champion on Friday, March 29th. On that fateful day, the 2019 Tournament of Books Champion title was given to...One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus! If the winner is not your favorite book, make sure to vote next year for a chance to steal the title!

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