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The Sound of Luck
By: Mridula Kannan

The sound of luck
How rich and bright
Small green clovers fill my sight

I search here and there and everywhere
But they just don’t seem to appear

Suddenly, something catches my eye
It’s right there, trying to be sly

I reach to grab it, but then I stop
The reason is that, right then I look up

In the gleaming blue sky,
I spy it, for it is tall and high

Many colors put in a combo
Now you can guess that it is a rainbow

I follow it for it goes up and down
And around and around

The rainbow finally stops
And that’s when my jaw drops

I can see it and control my excitement
Overflowing, shiny, for it is gold!

I bend down to take it
Happy with delight

Suddenly it vanishes and is nowhere
I try and try and look everywhere

Then I hear a snicker behind me
I turn around and can’t believe what I am seeing

Right in front of me is a Leprechaun!
Right then I know
My life will never be the same
I am right because just now, I hear the sound of luck!

By: Amanda Sun
Two people die every second
Four people are born every second.
Which means that the moment I die
Someone else will take my place

In the turning sea of auras
Will the empty space I used to fill
Become full once more?

Will my wrinkled aura
Of sun bleached cloth and the brittle pages of old books
Be replaced by a smooth aura
Of pacifiers, baby powder, and freshly painted tricycles?

Will the child born in my place hold a remnant of me?

Will he cut his sandwiches diagonally like me?
Will he color in his drawings like me?
Will he sit in front of the dishwasher
Every Sunday afternoon
And arrange the mugs by color
And face the Tupperware in the same direction

Will he adore the smell of coffee
But only drink decaf?

Will he look out the window
And see two butterflies resting on the same ledge
Next to a patch of overgrown weeds
And open his mouth to say
“Mommy, I’ve seen that before,”
But instead think for a moment
And close his mouth.

The tickling feeling of deja-vu
Already fading from his mind.

Perfect Poetry
By: Ana Kristine

Inside the letter A
Are always apricots
Assigning animals art

Inside the letter B
Are brilliant bees with buzzcuts
Bringing bananas to belligerent boys

Inside the letter C
Are concentrating charcoal clumps of
Comfy climbing cops

Inside the letter D
Are dynamic dingos drinking
Dunkin donuts Dr. Pepper

Aisle 9
By: Amanda Sun

Norman Parker had gone through a rough day.
The coffee machine had broken.
The cat had thrown up.
He had locked himself out of his car.
He was late to work.
He had spilled orange juice on his shirt.
And that is how he found himself
on 129 Levington Street in the heart of New York City
at the very end of aisle 9 of CVS
staring at the rows of Aspirin.

He scanned the array of boxes,
each advertising in bright colors,
and loud designs,
and song-like slogans,
for headache medicine.

He reached over and picked up a box on a whim.
Turning to leave, he caught sight of an old woman headed his way
with wispy white hair and a flowing cardigan
in a brilliant purple (the cardigan, not the hair).
Her eyes were that of a dreamer
in the city that never sleeps.
A trace of a smile danced on her lips.
It was as if they were trying to reach out and grab the smile
But it kept ducking away like an elusive sneeze.

She neared him,
the only acknowledgement of his presence, a slight nod.
So imperceptible that Norman doubted his eyes.
And he turned to look back at the Aspirin
pretending to consider a different brand
just to save himself from this awkward encounter
and when she whooshed past him,
her cardigan flowing behind her like the robes of some goddess,
the most peculiar scent filled the air.
The tart tinge of citrus intertwined with the sweet and rich smell of jasmine
a hint of sandalwood cutting the mixture.
And Norman closed his eyes and breathed deeply.
And suddenly he was standing in his childhood home,
enveloped in his mother’s hug,
sobbing his eyes out after losing his lucky penny on a field trip
the smell of sandalwood lingering from the wooden floorboards
his mother’s perfume permeating around him
the tinge of citrus from the tangerine she had undoubtedly just peeled
and he heard her saying
“Oh Norman, don’t cry. Eat this tangerine I peeled.”
And all the smells and the warmth wrapping him in a blanket of sensation
as he cried and cried just for the sake of the moment.

Then he opened his eyes.
And he was back on 129 Levington Street in the heart of New York City,
at the very end of aisle 9 of CVS,
Staring at the rows of Aspirin.
He sighed.
He headed for the checkout and paid,
never looking back,
Whistling as he exited those sliding glass doors.

If I Were a Superhero
By: Nicholas Rosado

If I were a superhero, I would definitely fly
Arms outstretched, racing up to the sky
If I were a superhero, I would help all the poor
And make sure they are hungry no more
If I were a superhero, I’m sure you would agree
The world would be a lot better because of me!

By: Mark Stolin
I have the evilest mind in all the land
Soon, the whole world will be in my hand
Fear me, for I am bad
Fear me, because being wicked, I am glad

No one can stop me, no one I say!
Get prepared for the greatest doomsday
You shall bow down to your new king
Compared to me, humans are a small thing

There is nothing you can do,  just accept defeat
Be sad, look down at your feet
You shall know the definition of mean when you see me

I am witty,-defeating me is not easy

Super Me

By: Mehreen Khan

This story isn’t about your regular Superman or Wonder Woman. Or about “saving the day”, no. It’s about the person behind the spotlight, deep in the shadows. It’s about--me. My name is---well it doesn’t matter. When I was younger I would always dream to run like the flash or fly like superman. Dreams die. I’m not here to tell you all about my depressing childhood--no. If you’re a person like me-unappreciated, unloved, no dreams--think again. I did and it changed my life forever. I’m here to “help.” It all started somewhere in the multiverse 10 years, 3 months, and 6 days ago--but who’s counting? I was Superman’s assistant. Yes, Superman! The guy who flies in his undies. It would seem like a good experience, but if you looked deeper, you would see all the flaws. I had a crush. His name was Carl Sanders. My best friend. He was all into superheroes and stuff like that. I had to tell him about my job. He was so surprised and happy. He’ll be important later. “Kate, (Yes, that’s my name) get my coffee. Double chocolate espresso, whipped cream, with a drizzle of raspberry toffee!” shouted Superman. I hate him so much. Ugh. Right about when I was going to get Superman’s coffee, I stopped in front of his meeting with The Justice League, but the Flash wasn’t there. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop. “You ready?” Wonder Woman whispered. “It’s just us, right?” Aquaman replied. “Of course, we can’t get any other superheroes taking our jobs away from us!” Superman called out. “What about The Flash?” Batman said. “He’s just a kid. Let him live his life. We’re saving lives here,” Superman replied. Wonderwoman peeked her head into the open doors. I ran away as quickly as possible. What are they planning? It ran through my head all day. I needed answers. The next day, I went through Superman’s room.
I had a key so if I needed to get something for him, I could go into his room. The paper I found his drawer was so surprising. The Justice League wanted to get rid of every superhero beside themselves so they can be the only ones. Remember Carl, my best friend? Well his secret identity was The Kite. Your friendly neighborhood superhero. He had the powers to manipulate minds and telepathy. With him gone, I would have no meaning in life. I had to save my best friend. What I couldn’t figure out was how the Justice League would accomplish this. I was going to look through the second page, but I heard footsteps. It was Carl. I ran out of Superman’s room. “Carl! What are you doing here, at work?” I asked him. “Don’t be silly. I want to take you out for your birthday!” Carl replied. “Right……” I told him. I didn’t want to tell Carl what I found out. He looked so happy. “How about tonight, after work?” I replied. “Fine… but I have to tell you something really important, so you better be there,” he said “Yeah. Yeah. Whatever. See you at 8,” I told him. I know what you’re thinking. “He asked you out. Eeeek!” It’s not like that. We went out for my birthday every year. This year was no different. I needed to find out about Superman’s plan more, if I wanted to save Carl. I went through all of The Justice League’s files. Nothing! Then I remembered that The Flash wasn’t at the meeting. I could ask him for help or advice. I signed his signal and met him on the rooftop. Me and Barry Allen (The Flash) had a complicated relationship. He used to like me and he is really obsessive. I rejected him. We met and decided to talk about it over pizza. We went for pizza and I told him everything! He wasn’t listening, though. He was just putting his hand over mine. It was very uncomfortable. I moved away. We spent so long talking that I forgot my birthday dinner with Carl. Carl was walking back to his house when he saw me and Barry together. What a friend I was… The next day, I went up to Carl, oblivious of what happened last night. He ignored me. My only friend--ignored me. I’m not usually the touchy type, but I asked him what was wrong. “You know exactly what is wrong!” replied Carl. And it was then that I realized my mistake. I had to figure out Superman’s plan fast and stop it. And then, I could make things up with Carl. I went to Superman’s room to look at the files again. It said that the plan was happening today at 5:59 sharp. It also said that they were getting help from Constantine. At 5:59 sharp, Constantine and the Justice League were going to alternate this universe with dark magic. The sky would become red and then there would be no going back. I was shivering when I read that. Were all the other superheroes going to die or disappear? It was dark magic. I needed Carl’s help, but he wouldn’t answer his cell. Guess I had to do this by myself. It was 5:47. Carl got out of work. I rushed to him. I said I needed him help. He walked away. I walked to him again. “What do you want?” he screamed at me. “Listen to me, Carl. You’re in trouble. You all are,” I replied. Soon the winds started to grow stronger. The sky turned dark yellow. I told Carl everything. “You need to go home. There’s nothing you can do. I’ll gather the crew,” he told me. “NO! You need all the help you can get,” I replied “Don’t you get it? You’ve helped enough. Why did you tell me this now? And of course you told your boyfriend, Barry, before me,” he said “My boyfriend?! I hate him. We were just talking. There’s nothing wrong with that. I didn’t tell you because you were so happy about my birthday. I didn’t want to hurt you. I like you. I always have. And to think I was afraid of love.” “You like--me? I like you too. You’re my best friend. The person I want to be with forever.” And it was then when I realized, I was about to lose him. I couldn’t, I wouldn’t. The dark magic soon surrounded us, pushing Carl to the side. Carl couldn’t fight it. He was going to disappear. I remembered reading a book about dark magic. The only way to get rid of it was to lose everything you love, the greatest sacrifice of all. “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? Just end this already!” I yelled. “Are you willing to risk it all, for strangers’ lives?” I heard, not knowing where/who it was coming from. “Yes...Anything...just don’t hurt anyone. They don’t deserve this. Who-who are you?” “You will know, in time. I know who you are. Kate Witherspoon. Daughter, assistant,--superhero.” “Wha-what?” “You can hear me. You can tame the bad. Conquer the good. All comes with a price.” “I-I can save them?” “Yes. Just know when you do this you are going to lose everything.” “I’ll do anything.” Soon, thunderstorms started to come, and the sky turned black. Pitch black. So black, you couldn’t see anything. The sky turned back to normal. And it was just me, standing there, everyone else gone. Swish. The thunderstorms calmed down. I woke up, but it didn’t feel normal. I was in my bed. Looking at my phone, it was November 15, 2022. 4 years after everything. My apartment looked different. I went to my phone and called Carl. “What’s up?” he said “ don’t remember what happened? April, 13, 2018?” I replied “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Wait…” he replied. “So you remember! The dark magic! The confession! You love me?” “What…Magic? I love you? The only thing I remember is when we tried to date, but it was too awkward. Is this what you wanted to talk about? I mean my wedding is tomorrow.” “YOUR WHAT?!” “How can you forget my wedding? You’re my best friend. Good joke.” I hung up, knowing what happened. This was a new world I was in. A world---where I couldn’t have love, there were no powers, and my life wouldn’t be meaningful. I sacrificed everything, to save the person I loved. I guess my story didn't end happily ever after. I did whatever it took. I hope you will too.

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