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Shooting for the Stars: 8th Grade Basketball
By: Riya Prakash

     The 2018-2019 basketball season has commenced at Marlboro Memorial Middle School! As they work harder than ever, both the 8th-grade girls’ and boys’ basketball teams set their sights for yet another season victory. Both basketball teams train vigorously almost every day for one hour and forty-five minutes after school in order to enhance and refine their skills in an attempt to defeat their opposing teams. Luckily for them, their hard work paid off, considering the fact that both teams successfully made it to playoffs.

8th Grade Girls’ Basketball:
     After holding tryouts on November 16, 2018, the 8th-grade girls' team was chosen. Coached by Mr. Fine, a 7th-grade social studies teacher, the team consists of Helen Kwok, Skye Urbach, Katelyn Messina, and Skylar Cioffi as forwards, Madison Wise, Sofia Kelly, Erica DiSimone, and Gabrielle Sivash as guards, and Natalie Agostinelli and Varsha Simha as forwards and guards. With all of their skills combined, these girls have shown great potential.
     Following about a month of practice and a few scrimmages, the girls had their first regular season game on December 13, 2018 against Howell South. Unfortunately, they suffered a defeat of 38-15. However, the girls didn’t let their loss bring them down. From December 20 to January 7, the girls won three games consecutively. They won against Wall with a score of 16-12, demolished Barkalow as they ended with a score of  40-28, and secured yet another victory against Howell North, 36-24. This streak was sadly broken by a loss against Manalapan in an exceedingly close game resulting in a final score of 24-22, a loss by merely two points. Being that these girls are very steadfast and determined, they were able to add another two wins to their name as they defeated Freehold Boro and Eisenhower the following week. The scores were 30-9 and 18-9, respectively. As the regular season neared its end, the girls only had two games left- Marlboro Middle and Asbury Park. With the pressure set high, they experienced a downfall at Marlboro Middle on January 17 with a score of 31-20, but they were able to redeem themselves by winning against Asbury Park (36-7). After all this, the girls ended their regular season with 6 wins and 3 losses. Having qualified for playoffs, the girls are soon to participate in a battle of the best teams, and they have the support of the entire school with them.
Cheer, Wrestling, Basketball, and Cross Country!

8th Grade Boys’ Basketball:

     The 8th-grade boys' basketball team was assembled shortly following their tryouts on November 16, 2018. Although several boys tried out, the selected contenders formed the much qualified “power team.” With Mr. Styler, a math teacher, as their coach, Peter Budveit (forward), Justin Capell (guard), Mike DiSimone (guard), Sohan Eleti (point guard), Jared Goodman (guard), Chris Jorgenson (guard), Jack Levine (center), Lucas McEvoy (guard), Ryan Mendes (forward), Dylan Miccoli (guard), Vikram Parasuram (guard), Corey Shanin (forward), and Logan Simon (guard) harnessed their abilities and practiced arduously while they waited for their season to begin.
     The boys started out their season strong with, remarkably, five consecutive wins. Their first game took place on December 11, 2018, against Wall, in which they trounced their opponents with a finishing score of 40-17. In the following weeks, they defeated Manalapan 45-28, Howell South 33-23, Barkalow 56-33, and Howell North 40-26. The boys seemed unstoppable. However, in a neck and neck game, Eisenhower ended up beating our team by eight points, resulting in a score of 31-39. Although the boys gave their hardest effort against Asbury Park on January 10th, they suffered defeat once again. The score ended up to be 48-36. The last two games of the season, against Freehold Boro and Marlboro Middle, were played with valiant perseverance and gave the team, accordingly, one win (38-26) and one loss (31-32). This led the boys to the end of the season having earned 6 wins and 3 losses. The boys were able to earn their spot in the playoffs with a lot of determination. 
     With playoffs soon to come, the basketball teams here at MMMS hold their hopes high and determination higher. Will this year bring another victory for our school? Stay tuned to the morning announcements to find out!
     Good luck to both teams!

6th and 7th Grade Boys Basketball

The Magical Lamp of Aladdin-Review
By: Samantha Dillner

“Act well your part; there all the honour lies.” - Alexander Pope.
Marlboro Memorial Middle School’s production of The Magical Lamp of Aladdin was, overall, a very well produced play. Actors and actresses were dashing on and off the stage, calling out lines agilely. Performed by students ages 11-14, their manner of acting out their parts was impeccable. The students acted out their parts so meaningfully. They really got into character and put a lot of hard work into this play. There were three genies in the production: The Genie of the Ring, The Genie of the Jewels, and The Genie of the Lamp. 
     One aspect I really enjoyed was how they expressed modernism in it. The producers added characters and themes to the play to bring a present day feeling to it all. For example, The Genie of the Jewels acted as if she really lived in the 21st century. She had a phone, a nail file, and let us not forget her fabulous pink tutu! The way she talked was very ‘popular girl’ style, meaning that she sounded how like a stereotypical popular girl in a modern day movie would. Overall, the play was phenomenal, especially considering it was a middle school theater production. I am happy to say that I give the play a 4.5 star rating. If I could see it again, I would, and the production has left me eager for next year’s play.

 AV Club 
By: Sashreek Bhupathiraju

     Do you like to make videos? Would you find broadcasting the morning announcements fun? If your answer is yes, then AV club is for you. Newly created this year, AV club is a brand new after-school activity that teaches and allows you to practice filming, video production, and broadcasting. Run by Mr. Bucci, you will learn how to make incredible cinematic effects and films. In addition, you will learn proper tech-related terminology, learn how to maintain and manage equipment, and participate in different jobs that contribute to the broadcasting of the morning announcements.  If you find yourself interested in this club, you will be welcomed any time of year, all year long.

Of Wind Instruments and Hitty Sticks
By: Jianna Milan
     Every year, music teacher extraordinaire Mr. Goley auditions students from both 7th and 8th grade to find the ones who are worthy of being in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble (also known as SWE). Generally, the total amount of students accepted is around thirty. They perform typical wind music but to a higher caliber. One of their most recent and popular pieces is a medley of songs from the hit movie The Greatest Showman, which Mr. Goley claimed to be the most difficult song ever played in this ensemble. It’s a high school level piece, he said. SWE performs at the 8th and 7th grade concerts for both the winter and spring concert seasons, as well as having rehearsals almost every Thursday after school until 3:15, although some practices have been extended until 4:15. A subsidiary of the group, also known as the Monarch Jazz Orchestra (MoJO), is also selected and features students with a prominent or promising knowledge in the style of jazz. 
     At the end of every year, around late May or so, MoJO and SWE, along with the select choirs and orchestra, travel to Hershey, Pennsylvania for The Hershey Music in the Park Festival, a competition between music groups from multiple schools. Last year, both ensembles received a “superior” rating from the judges, as well as the “Best Soloist” award for a now graduated ninth grader. It’s obvious that these students are the best apples of the bunch!

Stem Club

All About Student Council
By: Arca Baran

     If you have spent any amount of time in our school (this should be all of you reading this), you have probably heard the words “Student Council” uttered at some point. Whether it be in a video, the morning announcements, or on a sign in the hallway, this group of students is just about everywhere. I don’t mean figuratively, either; after all, there is a representative in every homeroom class.
     What is Student Council, you may ask? First let me state the obvious: It’s a school club. But it is very different from all of the other clubs. Unlike Chess Club, for example, the teachers aren’t truly in charge of what happens. In this club, the students take control of what we do. We are the ones who plan out projects, lead discussions, and brainstorm ideas. As Mr. Ancona puts it, “We [the teachers] are only here for the sake of adult supervision. That’s it.” 
     Student Council is a group of elected student leaders which consists of homeroom representatives from each homeroom, a secretary, a president and vice-president for each grade, and the school president. (That’s not to be confused with “8th grade president.” That role, as I found out the tough way, doesn’t actually exist.) We are in charge of running special activities that promote school spirit and fun. 
     What are some of the things that we do? To provide examples, in the past, we have been at the helm of the school talent shows, movie nights, spirit weeks, and music trivia contests. This year, we are doing a students versus teachers lip sync battle for the first time in the history of our school. 
     In short, you should join student council because it is very fun to be able to imagine ideas of what we want our school to do and actually be able to execute the best of them. Student Council is great for you if you are a leader at heart, have lots of creative ideas, and have at least minimal speaking/acting skills (for the wacky video skits and announcements that we create).
     How do you join Student Council? At the beginning of sixth grade and the end of seventh and eight grade, you get the chance to sign up to run for certain roles, which were previously mentioned. All you have to do is prepare a speech and hand it to your teacher, and you too can join! So what are you waiting for? In the words of that gray-haired man, with a colorful hat and goatee, pointing at you, “We want YOU!”

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