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Madagascar: A Musical Adventure Jr.
By: Rishika Raghavan

     The Marlboro Memorial Middle School drama club is pleased to display their spring production of Madagascar! This production entailed three shows on Friday, March 22nd at 7 PM and Saturday, March 23rd at 2 PM and 7 PM. 
     The musical opens with the four main characters, Alex (played by Kavya Jain), Marty (played by Danielle Lirov), Gloria (played by Sami Khatri), and Melman (played by Alex Panico), at the Central Park Zoo. In this opening scene, they sing and perform for the visitors at the zoo.
     Later, the audience learns that it is Marty’s birthday and that he made a wish to be able to go out into the wild. His friends believe that his wish is preposterous and that it is better living in the zoo. Marty, however, has other plans. He leaves the zoo and decides to take a train to Connecticut, which, supposedly, has an environment that reproduces the feeling of being in the wild. 
     However, Alex, Gloria, and Melman soon figure out what Marty did and run after him, but complications follow shortly afterwards. The four zoo animals, along with four penguins, Skipper (played by Madhav Ashanath), Kowalski (played by Sydney Katz), Private (played by Emily Cherny), and Rico (played by Lia Belitsis), get captured by animal control and are on the way to get shipped to a different zoo. The animals discover what is being done very quickly. The penguins wish to go back to their natural habitat, where it’s cold, so they knock out the captain of the ship and take over, attempting to redirect the ship to Antarctica. 
     As we can all probably guess, penguins are not the best at operating boats. The group lands ashore at Madagascar, where they soon meet the natives of the island, the lemurs and the foosa (Jamila Abreu, Ella LaRock, Dhruva Lepakshi, and Michael Petruzzi). The foosa are about to make a dinner out of Mort (played by Anamika Nath) when Alex arrives and saves him. The lemurs welcome Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman and introduce them to King Julien (played by Isabel Abreu), the king of the lemurs. King Julien wants Alex to stay on the island to defend them from the foosa, but Maurice (played by Sammi Pine) is doubtful of the plan and asks Julien to consider Alex’s predatory nature. Alex does not like staying on the island because the only food there seems to be is seaweed on a stick. Marty, Melman, and Gloria, however, enjoy staying on the island and try to make Alex enjoy it as well. 
     However, Alex’s carnivorous instincts begin to shine through when he accidentally bites Marty, thinking that he is steak. King Julien realizes then that Alex is a threat to the lemurs and banishes him to the far side of the island where the foosa (cat-like mammal) live. Marty, horrified, starts to realize how being in the wild is changing Alex and starts to regret his decision to leave the zoo. 
     Suddenly, the penguins return from their trip to Antarctica, finding it distasteful. The animals believe that the ship came back for them. Marty runs to save Alex so that they could all go back to the zoo, and Gloria and Melman rush to save Marty but are trapped by the foosa.
     Meanwhile, in the foosa territory, Marty is terrified, but determined to save Alex. Alex is afraid to come back with Marty because he doesn’t want to hurt him, but Marty eventually convinces Alex to overcome his predator instincts and come back with him. Before leaving, Alex scares away the foosa from lemur territory for good. The lemurs regain their respect for Alex and throw the animals a goodbye party, where they also satisfy Alex’s hunger with sushi. The show comes to a conclusion as the animals sing about how they will always be together no matter where they go. The cast and crew then proceeded to convene on stage as curtain calls commence.
     After the show, Danielle Lirov, who played Marty, said, in tears, “Madagascar, and being in drama club in general, was such a great experience. All of us just became a family. We all worked so hard to make a really great show and I am so proud of this cast. I can’t believe this is over. I will miss you guys and I am so honored to be a part of this amazing cast. Stay crackalackin’, my bestest friends.”
     The musical performance was truly wonderful, and the cast and crew cannot wait to announce the 2019 fall play!

Peer 2 Peer: Knowledge is Power
By: Danielle Ahearn 

      Peer 2 Peer is a group of 8th graders who conduct 7th grade outreaches related to substance abuse, drug prevention, and practicing skills on refusing uncomfortable situations. The program, which is composed of twenty eighth graders who have made a pledge to stay drug free, has a total of five outreaches a year. They also have other events they help out with, such as Family Night (which is completely ran by P2P), sixth grade orientation, and Back-to-School Night.
     In Peer 2 Peer, the 8th grade students begin the year by educating themselves on the five gateway drugs. In December, they are put into outreach groups. Following that, they spend most classes preparing for their outreaches. When they go on their outreaches, each group typically does a lesson with three or four classes. 
     Though Peer 2 Peer teaches students about the negative effects of drugs, the peer leaders can also learn from their position as well. Peer leader Brandon Bachleda says, “I feel like there were two really big factors that had me apply for Peer 2 Peer. The first one is that drugs are an epidemic, and I find it very important to educate younger students about them. The second reason is that Peer 2 Peer really helps me with my public speaking skills.”
     In all, though it can be sometimes challenging, Peer 2 Peer is a rewarding program that many people enjoy.
First Annual MMMS Academy Award Winners:

Best Actor: Nick Chang as Nick Chungus in Digital Citizenship with Nick Chungus
Best Supporting Actors: Mr.Ancona, Mr.Bucci, and Mr.Fine as the teacher recruiters in Memorial Penny Wars
Best Overall Commercial: Memorial Penny Wars


Behind the Scenes of The Lion’s Pride
By: Rebecca Zhang and Zehra Taqvi
“The digital magazine gives students a chance to use their voice and publish their writing. We have a lot of talented writers and photographers and artists in the club.”
~Ms. Didonato, sixth-grade English language arts teacher, co-founder of the digital magazine
Have you ever wondered how The Lion’s Pride functions? The articles, the website, the interviews? Well, today’s your lucky day! Here is a behind the scenes view of The Lion’s Pride.
The Club
The Lion’s Pride is the name of the digital magazine of Marlboro Memorial Middle School, with its headquarters in the computer lab 160. It is managed by sixth-grade social studies teacher Mr. Bucci and sixth-grade language arts instructor Ms. DiDonato. In this club, students use their senses of individuality and imagination to create pieces for the magazine. There are multiple roles within the club that consist of Editor in Chief, Technological Editor, editors for their respective sections, junior editors, and creators. Every student has a part to play and work together to help the magazine function as a team. 
The Duties
Each member of the club has different duties. Students who take part in Digital Magazine are not only authors. In fact, they can complete a multitude of other tasks. The editors help to proofread the writing of their peers so that the completed works are up to their full potential. There are also photographers and artists who create visual elements for the magazine. Arca Baran, the current technological editor, and his junior editor, Zehra Taqvi, help with the digital aspect of the magazine. 
“We have very hard-working editors who care about the content that goes into the magazine. They’re great people.”
~Mr. Bucci, sixth-grade social studies teacher, co-founder of the digital magazine 

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